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Unusual day, Ordinary day

Initially “unusual” sights, sounds, and experiences,
unconsciously become “ordinary” when traveling long term.

Authentically connect to where you are.

Immerse yourself in history and culture.

Experience the local lifestyle, the ordinary and extraordinary through travel.

For those that “travel like a local”, a place to unwind at the end of the day.

This is our concept, Relaxing spaces to be enjoyed with family or friends.

Created with the comforts of extended stay.

Residential Hotel Hare offers unique accommodation for
travelers that want to experience living in Japan.

A relaxing Japanese space awaits

Condominium-style Residential Hotel

Residential Hotel Hare Shin Osaka

Designed in the Japanese aesthetic with modern convenience in mind,

this condominium-style compact residential hotel is equipped for extended stay.

A relaxing Japanese space awaits, Located just 4 minutes from Shin-Osaka station.

All rooms are equipped with a kitchen, a separate bath and toilet, laundry facilities,
as well as
 a rental wifi router and mobile phone.

There is a common area located on the first floor with a kitchen, table, and sofa.

Complimentary coffee, juice, and beverages. Small parties can also be arranged.

On a nice day, open the window and enjoy the view of the Japanese garden.


Make yourself at home in contemporary Japanese style

Choose from 4 types of rooms varying in size and design.

Traditional shoji paper screens bathe the room in soothingly soft light.

Bask in the fusion of convenience and comfort of Japanese design.

Kick off your shoes and relax in Japanese comfort.

The perfect answer to a long journey.

  • Room type A

    Room type A

    1-3 persons
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    size of rooms
  • Room type B

    Room type B

    1-4 persons
    number of rooms
    size of rooms
  • Room type C

    Room type C

    1-4 persons
    number of rooms
    size of rooms
  • Room type D

    Room type D

    1-5 persons
    number of rooms
    size of rooms

Room Facility

All guest rooms are equipped with a kitchen, separate toilet & bath facilities,
laundry area, air purifier, free wi-fi, and a free smartphone,
providing you with the ultimate support during your stay.

  • Tetra & Ojami Cushions

    Tetra & Ojami Cushions

    Tetra cushions that mold to your body, and original Ojami cushions from Kyoto’s Takaokaya accent the rooms with a perfect touch of Japanese harmony.

  • Refreshments


    Complimentary green tea & roasted green tea are provided in each guest room. Please relax with a cup of tea as soon as you arrive.

  • Amenities


    We provide an assortment of everyday essentials such as toothbrushes, razors, hair brushes and towels sets.

  • Free Smartphone

    Free Smartphone

    One smartphone is provided free for each room. With the ability to make international and domestic calls, the phone can also use data. Please feel free to use it at your convenience.

  • Kitchen


    The in-room kitchen is equipped with basic cookware. Make yourself at home by preparing simple meals right here in your room.

  • Laundry


    Washing machines are provided for guests with an area to hang your clothes to dry. Laundry detergent is free to use at your disposal.


Connect with like-minded travelers

The guest lounge is located behind the reception,
on the first floor of Residential Hotel Hare Shin Osaka,
and looks out onto a Japanese garden-style terrace.

Take advantage of this relaxing space.
Enjoy breakfast before you head out for the day,
or catch up with friends on the day’s adventures before turning in for the nite.

  • Lounge image
  • Lounge image
  • Lounge image
  • Lounge image

Lounge Facility

The lounge is free for all guests
and the perfect place to rest after a long day of travel.
Feel free to use the lounge during your stay at Residential Hotel Hare Shin-Osaka.

  • Coffee Machine

    Coffee Machine

    Enjoy complimentary hot beverages like coffee and matcha latte from the drink machine. Help yourself!

  • Events


    We offer special events just for guests. Make memories over wine and Japanese sake.

    *Events are held periodically

  • Kitchen


    The first floor kitchen is stocked with essentials. Pick up local ingredients and have a dinner party for a memorable trip.

  • Japanese Garden-style Terrace

    Japanese Garden-style Terrace

    The lounge connects to a Japanese Garden-style terrace. Open the windows and enjoy the relaxing view of the terrace on a nice day.

  • Flatware


    Carefully selected Japanese flatware for your dining enjoyment. Feel free to use them.

  • Yukata


    Yukatas are available for free rental during your stay.

    *Pick one up in front of the elevators.

Free drink & Free kitchen

Enjoy complimentary drinks in the common space at Residential Hotel Hare Shin-Osaka. Help yourself to hot coffee any time you like. The kitchen is stocked with cutlery and utensils. Pick up ingredients at the local market and enjoy a freshly cooked meal with friends. The table is set! Time to dig in. Share a unique travel experience with friends and embark on new journeys.


4 min. walk from Shin-Osaka station, East Gate, Exit #11

From Kansai Int’l Airport take the Kansai-Airport Express “HARUKA”

Direct access via Airport Limousine Bus

Access to Osaka Metro, JR Line, and Shinkansen

Image Map

Approx. 4 min. from Shin-Osaka station, East Gate, Exit 11

Access Map Access Map
1-21-29, Higashinakajima, Higashiyodogawa-ku,
Osaka-shi, Osaka 533-0033 Japan
number of rooms
Reception hours
am.09:00 ~ pm.09:00
None (Next to a paid parking lot)